De Anza College Art Tympanum Sculpture by Gislebertus Titian Paper


This is an informal paper based on any single work of art or architecture by one of the following people or artists:

Giotto Raphael

Donatello Leonardo Da Vinci

Bramante Michelangelo

Abbot Suger Charlemagne

Gislebertus Titian

Botticelli Justinian

Jan van Eyck Verrocchio

Look up and choose one work by any one of the above listed patrons/ individuals/artists. Your paper should be a minimum of three pages (double spaced) in length discussing that single work. You may discuss the historical context, style, formal qualities, biography of the artist, subject/iconography of the work, or the social context that might have motivated the artist to create that particular kind of image. As well you might discuss aesthetic influences affecting the artist and the influence that the artist then had on others. You certainly don’t have to discuss all these things. You should write about what you find interesting in the work. Be careful to put every thing into your own words. Do not copy directly from another text without giving credit. Do not plagiarize. You don’t need to use footnotes and may instead use endnotes or cite sources within the written text. A short bibliography is appropriate. Remember, this is an informal paper and you don’t need to follow an MLA format. It should demonstrate effort, insight and a conclusion on your part. The important issue here is not how much information you gather but how much critical insight you gain and can demonstrate from that gathered information.