Assignment Details- CV


At the completion of this module students will be able to:

  • List pointers for a successful selection of a new APRN position
  • Learn the nuances of negotiating a contract for a new role in health care.


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Look at examples of a CV for nursing on the Internet or books in the library. If possible read your preceptor’s CV. Many preceptors will only have a resume but it is always good to look at examples. Be sure you understand the difference between a resume and a CV.  A curriculum vitae will give employers a better understanding of your skill set when you are transitioning from a student role to a clinical position as an APRN.

It is not merely a list of what positions you have held.  It describes the job responsibilities expected of you in those positions. As a student, it will be helpful to include clinical sites and what type of patients you have seen as a student and any procedures you have performed. (Example: successfully completed 8 joint injections, completed 10 acceptable PAP smears, and sutured 6 lacerations). Also include those clinical entities that you are comfortable independently managing.


Put the most current experiences first. An employer is not particularly interested in all the MA positions you had during your nursing career. Focus on what is pertinent when applying for an advance practice role. There are a variety of web sites you can visit to look at format and content. A CV is more detailed than a resume. Prepare your CV so that it can be submitted with an application for employment. As a professional you will always want to keep an updated CV handy.  You never know when someone will ask you for a copy of it.

To avoid losing grade points on this assignment please note that your degree is a Master of Science in Nursing with a PMHNP option.  Also, the name of your College is Helen and Arthur E. Johnson Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Typically references are not included in the CV but will be separate document shared with the interviewer.  Also, please do not include the names of your preceptors. Some preceptors do not want their name “out there”.

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