Cuyamaca College Ethical Dilemma Power of The Professor Case Discussion

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The questions:

How is Dr. Jaymes using persuasion to facilitate her goal? what methods or theories is she using?

If you were her boss, and you found out what she was doing, what, if anything would you do? Why?

the case:

Susan Jaymes is a professor at a mid-sized regional university. Dr. Jaymes has always

been popular with the students, who frequently cite her enthusiastic style, hands-on

approach, and excellent knowledge base as reasons for taking her class. Her popularity

is even further boosted by teaching evaluation scores, which are gathered by the student

council and published at the start of each semester. These same scores are also factored

into all professors’ yearly performance appraisals, and as appropriate, merit increases.

Lately, merit increases have become smaller, and the bar that seems to matter most

in determining raises has become higher. In response to this, Dr. Jaymes has taken steps

to ensure that her teaching evaluations are as high as possible. First, knowing that only

the most serious students will attend, she hands out the evaluation during an optional

exam review session. Second, she brings snacks and drinks to the session (something

she never does during normally scheduled class sessions). Finally, after handing out

the forms and before leaving the classroom, she reminds the students “how much

your input counts on my remaining employed with the university and how important

getting a raise—albeit tiny—is for me to be able to pay my huge monthly student loan

payments, considering how little faculty here are paid.