Cultural Mistakes in South Korea Q&A and Issues of Strategic Significance Essay


This is a two-part question. Each part should be treated separately by adding the specific references to the end of the particular part. There is no need for a cover page.

(1). You are an executive of an American company. You have been sent to South Korea to expand your company’s operation in that country. Respond with the following with a minimum of 250 words and two references.

a. From your knowledge (or research) of cultural differences between South Koreans and Americans, what two cultural mistakes are you likely to commit in South Korea that would irritate the Korean people?

b. What can you do to minimize chances of making those cultural mistakes, so that you can be more successful in South Korea?

P.S. This question is not about Americans in general; it is about you as an American, in particular. You need to get personal and apply it to yourself. Don’t write in general terms about Americans. Furthermore, you should not work in general about “another country”. This is specifically about South Korea.

2. Write an essay of a minimum of 1200 words, addressing the questions and prompts below. The requirement is at least two scholarly journal articles, and the course textbook. Indicate your research through in-text citations and a list of references.

  • Conduct an online search, and write a brief summary of two to three issues of strategic significance that AutoZone has encountered within the past 12 months. Sources used to respond to this prompt should be credible, but not necessarily scholarly.
  • Analyze how AutoZone has responded to changes in each of the four categories of macroenvironmental forces. In your analysis, use a separate paragraph for each macroenvironmental force.
  • In which one of the four macroenvironmental forces does AutoZone have the greatest opportunity? In which one of the four macroenvironmental forces does AutoZone face the greatest threat?
  • What can AutoZone do to counteract commoditization in its industry?