Cornell University Direct Practice Improvement Project Statistics Questions

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PAGE 1: While the goal of the Direct Practice Improvement project is to reach clinical significance, you will also need to discuss if the data analysis also has statistical significance. Statistical significance (p < .05) helps determine whether a result is by chance or luck. On the chance that your DPI project does not result in statistical significance, how can you justify clinical significance?

PAGE 2: Review the types of data that are considered protected health information (PHI). How would the collection of this data affect your project (whether you plan to collect it or not) and how would you store it in order to protect what you are collecting?

Page 3 Select a nursing journal in which you would be interested in having your completed DPI project published. Identify the journal and include a summary of the author guidelines. Describe at least two other common methods used by authors to disseminate or report outcomes of research. How could the author guidelines, or those additional strategies you identified, be beneficial to you as you develop and implement your DPI project? How could the author guidelines be beneficial to your practice?