COMM 439 George Washington University COVID 19 Vaccination Campaign Brochure


(COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign)


By creating your own sample political appeal, you will demonstrate your understanding of core theories about how individuals both process political information and respond to persuasion efforts. Your final product will show your ability to integrate various persuasion techniques (including message development, framing, use of messengers/validators, the role of narrative, etc.) and match them to a target audience to make a persuasive case or call to action.

Assignment Requirements

Please review your submitted and graded Creative Communication Campaign outline for reference. In this phase, you will create a campaign that seeks to persuade people to take action and/or support/oppose an advocacy effort, a candidate, or a policy position; the campaign can be real or hypothetical.

The campaign can be real or hypothetical. Based on course readings (specifically Lakoff, Kulinski & Quick, Daly, Monroe’s Motivated Sequence, etc.), develop a piece of creative material (such as a poster or a short video) to promote the campaign to a specific target audience.

The final deliverable should provide basic information about the issue or candidate at the center of the campaign in a compelling way.

Your piece must also make an effective and specific call to action (for example: donate to an organization/cause, vote for a candidate/referendum/ballot initiative, sign a petition, call an elected official about the issue).

Two examples are provided here. (Note that these are examples; they are not templates, nor are they perfect models of the assignment requirements—for example, neither has a particularly clear call to action.)

Example 1: Save the Children poster

Example 2:CARE video: CARE The Girl Effect: The Clock Is Ticking (????????)