Colorado State University Sarin Chemical Agent Case Study


Select one of the following biological agents or chemical agents:

  • Ebola,
  • ricin,
  • anthrax,
  • VX,
  • sarin, or
  • mustard agent.

Based on the agent you selected, describe the capability, intent, vulnerability, and consequence of a terrorist using your chosen agent in an attack. You should address the prompts below based on your findings.

  • Do you believe terrorist organizations have the capability to produce and deliver a weapon with the agent you selected?
  • What is the effect on homeland security?
  • Would there be a desire for terrorists to use this agent?
  • Would using a weapon with the agent you selected produce the intended effects?
  • Create a chart or graph describing the symptoms and effects of the agent selected.

Additionally, write a brief post-attack recovery plan describing how you would respond to the use of this agent on the population.

Your assignment must be at least three pages in length, not counting the title page or references page. You are required to use two scholarly resources to support your response.