CJ 520 SNHU MO5 Drug Abuse and Juvenile Crime Historical Analysis Paper


For this assignment, due in Module Five, you will submit a 2–3 page draft of your historical analysis as well as your analysis of criminological theoriesrelevant to your public policy issue selection. You will analyze the history of the public policies (related decisions, actions, laws, and or positions of both the stateand federal government) related to your selected public policy issue. This draft should be as detailed as possible in order to allow the instructor to providesignificant feedback, which you can incorporate into your final project.Completing an analysis of the history of your selected public policy issue and analyzing the criminological theory that best explains the development of the publicpolicies related to it in this milestone will lay the groundwork you for your Milestone Three submission in Module Seven, where you will identify the specificpublic needs that are targeted by the issue and determine how well the policy addresses those needs. You will then be examining how the policy can be changedor improved upon to continue to address the identified need and how these changes can be accomplished while at the same time improving upon the delivery ofnecessary criminal justice services.