Charlottes Web by Garth Williams Themes and Elements of Style Paper


I have provided you with the full original edition of Charlotte’s Web with Garth Williams’ illustrations. The original illustration are in black and white; although color was readily available,  the author and illustrated decided upon black-and-white.

We have already seen that the best illustrated books  match the style and color of the illustrations to the author’s themes, tone  and style. In this assignment you will explore how pictures and words combine in  Charlotte’s Web to produce a masterpiece.

Comment on each of the following in a developed paragraph

  1. How does Williams’ black-and-white illustrations fit with White’s themes?
  2. How does Williams’ black-and-white illustrations fit with White’s style?
  3. Referencing at least three illustrations, explain how the illustrations support the fantasy that animals talk to each other and understand the human world.
  4. You probably noticed that there is no illustration of Charlotte’s face although other animals are drawn with faces. Imagine you are Garth Williams consulting with E.B. White on the illustrations. White says, “Garth, you haven’t shown Charlotte’s face. And she’s the star of the book.” Williams responds, “I chose not to put a face on Charlotte. Here’s why . . .” Speculate about how Williams’ completed  his