Capella University Logical Model and Community Needs and Problems Research


In your Nuts and Bolts of Grant Writing textbook, read “Case Study 1: Application of a Simple Logic Model” on pages 83–92. This case study shows the application of the logic model, which uses a research question to identify the purpose of a particular grant. Using this approach can help you examine the ultimate question of whether your grant will make a difference.

Using the approach of developing a research question to measure impact, in your initial post, indicate what your research question would look like, now that you have developed your grant proposal for the assignment in this unit. What measurements should be put in place to provide data to answer your research question? Describe how the creation, integration, and implementation of this grant will help the organization, guiding it toward successful, purposeful outcomes.

Response Guidelines

Read the initial posts of the other learners and respond to two. In each response, ask clarifying questions or suggest other ways to measure the outcomes resulting from the learner’s grant.

Learning Components

This activity will help you achieve the following learning components:

Analyze how the integration and implementation of a grant will help an organization achieve successful, purposeful outcomes.

Use the Internet to read the following:

Use the Internet to read the following: