Brookline College Oklahoma City View Types Assemblies Layout Practice


HE 1. This example for Assemblies layout. So, here we must have assembly cover blueprint (close assembly, open assembly and Bill of Materials), and several (4 – 6) small blueprints with a part on the one sheet (or two small parts). On the details sheets have to put model view and 2-3 standard views (usually top and front view, sometimes plus right view). If you think about viewing some specific details on the any body, please make detail / crop / auxiliary views for it.

HE 2. This example for dimensions and tolerances. Please, make your blueprint as similar as example (must includes all dimensions and all tolerances)

HE 3. It is example for specific views. So, this blueprint must include: model, front, right, section, broken-out and crop views of this body. Notice for build it: 7=3.5+3X ->X=… -> Diameter of outer circle is 7+X, diameter of construction circle is 7-X

HE 1 and HE 3 use inches, HE 2 stays in the mm