Bowie State University Katherine Patersons The Bridge to Terabithia Essay


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I need it to be an analysis, not a summary its a literature class

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In the Class Meeting 12 PowerPoint and the YouTube video of the Katherine Patterson interview,  you learned about the author’s writing interests and you learned that she wrote this book in response to her son’s loss of a school friend. She says she wrote Bridge to Terabithia to “throw light on the chaos”.

Her description does not seem to lead to an explicit moral or didactic meaning to the novel. Rather her phrase seems to invite reflection upon a tragic event which, no matter how sad, must be coped with by the family and friends who remain. Having read the book and discussed Jess’ character with your classmates, how would you describe the “light thrown upon the chaos”? If Jess is supposed to be the character whom a reader primarily identifies with, what light has Jess found by the end of the book?