Bowie State University Bridge to Terabithia Cover by Katherine Peterson Analysis


I need it to be an analysis, not summary its a literature class

After you have reviewed the novel’s illustrations and reminded yourself where they occur, look at the following four covers. These have been used at different times for various paperback editions of Bridge to Terabithia. Which cover do you think best captures the characters in the book and reflects the style of the illustrations? Note: I am not asking you which cover you like best; I am asking which is the best match to text and illustrations.

Click on the link below to see the four different covers.

Read Abridge to Terabithia. Use the accompanying  document with the illustrations that were published in the original book but which are not included in your online version. The illustrations are marked with the page number where they appear in the original. This page number should approximately match the page number in your text.