Barry University Patient Education and Counseling Essay


Choose one of those topics for the literature project:

Patient satisfaction

Nurse to patient ratio

Hospital readmission

Nursing incivility

A literature review is a synthesis of chosen evidence and resources on a topic of interest. Your assignment is to select a topic of interest and complete a literature review. You are expected to select 3 articles. These sources should be current (within the last 3-5 years) and have at least one author that is a nurse. Your review should be  5 pages maximum (including title and reference page). It is imperative that  APA (7th  edition) formatting is utilized. 

Essential Steps of the Literature Review:

  1. Define the research problem/topic
  2. Determine key terms
  3. Select primary sources of evidence
  4. Read and synthesize evidence
  5. Write a synthesis of findings that compares and contrasts findings

Components of a Literature Review


The introduction serves the purpose of presenting the problem and briefly explaining the significance of the topic. You should also share your search strategy with the reader.

Body of Literature Review

The body synthesizes the findings from the studies reviewed. You will first complete an annotated bibliography of each reference. For each study, you should briefly explain the purpose, procedures for data collection, and major findings. Be sure to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each study.


The discussion section is your opportunity to compare and contrast the evidence you reviewed. How is one better than the other?  How do studies compare or contrast with each other? This is where you draw conclusions based on the available literature.