Austin Community College Lysistrata Play Analysis and Response


What are your thoughts on this play? Is it a reasonable solution? Recently Spike Lee’s Chi-raq remade this play in the 21st century. Were you surprised by anything? 150 word

I will share the readings as a video and File.

After that. Can you replay to this discussion board: 50 word

Although the translation of a comedy that is 25 centuries oldmakes this read challenging, the plot is very simple, which makesdialogue enjoyable. In the case of the Peloponnesian War, the messagethat I got away was: although the war had been going on for twenty yearswhen the play was first staged, it still had another seven years torun, and there was no rational or practical solution to the problemspresented by war. The solution presented does not seem reasonable to me,especially if I am analyzing it from a modern-day perspective. However,it did seem to have a greater effect within the play.

I believe “Chi-raq” is a bold adaptation of Lysistrata. This filmis in-your-face, opinionated, and instigative. In my opinion, thisadaptation of Lysistrata is surprisingly close to the original.The film follows the same plot path and is spoken entirely in verse,just like the ancient play.