Austin Community College Chronic Stress Types of Intelligence Discussion


In order to successfully complete this module you will need to do the following:

1. Read chapters 10 (Language and Intelligence), 11 (Motivation and Emotion), 16 (Stress), and 12 (Personality) in the textbook.

2. Submit two postings on the  Module 3 Discussion Board. posting must be an initial posting that directly addresses questions posed by the instructor. Each posting must be at least 150 words long. Your posting cannot be a question and it must reflect your own thoughts (no quotes and no re-writing someone else’s post).

3. Watch all videos posted in Module 3.  Select two of the videos to complete the following assignment: Write two summaries of the two videos that include specific facts and information you learned in the videos. You must state these facts in your own words in an essay format (complete, grammatically correct sentences, correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling). Re-writing sections of the word of the video byword are NOT acceptable and will result in a score of 0  for the assignment. The summary must be based only on the videos and must be factually correct (as is stated in the videos). Each one of the two summaries must be at least 300 words long.

Questions posed by the instructor:

Question  1: Please describe your ideas for how the three types of intelligence,  as outlined by Robert Sternberg, help us succeed in everyday life as  adults.

Question  2: Discuss the negative consequence of chronic stress and the effective  strategies people can use to better manage their stress.

 links for the videos in the File.