Auburn University Montgomery Hypothesis Testing and Independent Variable Worksheet


This assignment requires that you identify the independent variable, the dependent variable and to design an experiment in which you are comparing the brand BEST toothpaste with another brand of toothpaste. The first thing is to state your hypothesis. In this case your hypothesis would be:”Using BEST Toothpaste will reduce your number of cavities” Your IV would be the brand of toothpaste and your DV would be the number of cavities. You will have to determine who would be in the control group (the group of subjects not using BEST toothpaste), the experimental group (the subjects using BEST toothpaste).

Your job is to determine who your subjects are ex. males or females, their ages, how you control for factors that might influence the outcome of your study. What they eat, what they drink, how often they brush their teeth, whether they floss or not, use mouthwash, etc.