ATSU Lowell Chamber of Commerce & Team One Nonprofit Letter of Engagement Questions


Complete reflective journal entry that require you to think critically about the project, the team consulting process and your own personal learning and development during the project.

1. Describe the purpose of a letter of engagement.

2. Based upon your current knowledge, what do you believe it should include and why?

3. What do you see as the main challenges in developing a letter of engagement?

4. What are the main issues to be addressed when defining the scope of a project and a project plan?

5. What might be the main challenges to staying within the scope of the project?

6. What challenge do you anticipate or have already encountered in working as part of a consulting team in addressing the needs of the client?

7. What communication challenges do you anticipate you may face (or have already faced) in working with the assigned team?

I will provide the selected tutor with team letter of engagement and participation document for reference. Once source, with APA citation format required.