ASU Prevent Complications of Diabetes in Adults Evaluation

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I’m working on a nursing multi-part question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

  • Read the CDC Clear Communication Index: 
  • Review the CDC Clear Communication Index Score Sheet:
  • Locate a consumer health information resource for evaluation that meets the following criteria: 
    • May be published online or in print, such as a pamphlet, handout, or web page
    • Published by a reputable health organization or institution
    • The material addresses a specific health condition or topic (as opposed to a range of conditions or topics)
    • The intended audience is a health consumer (as opposed to a health care professional)
    • Examples of general health consumer publications that have been evaluated using teh CDC Clear Communication Index are available at:


  • Publication Information
    • Identify the publication title, author(s), year/date of publication, and source location (URL).
  • Purpose and Intended Audience
    • In one paragraph, summarize the purpose of the material and the intended audience. Describe the target audience that the authors want to address (e.g., persons who have diabetes, are sexually active, are caregivers to persons with dementia, the general public, etc.).
  • Category Analysis
    • Evaluate the material using the 7 categories of the CDC Clear Communication Index: 1) Main Message and Call to Action; 2) Language; 3) Information Design; 4) State of the Science; 5) Behavioral Recommendations; 6) Numbers; and 7) Risk. 
    • This section can be formatted as a list, bullet points, or in paragraph format. Include examples of how clearly the main message is communicated and prominently located within the material, how main ideas and supporting ideas are organized, use of visual cues and headings,  language considerations, how graphics, colors reinforce the main message; how or whether scientific evidence or authoritative sources inform the main message or recommendations; how or whether actionable behavioral recommendations are provided; whether and how numbers are used to communicate recommendations or risk, and how the risk associated with the health condition or behavior applies to the target audience or health outcomes.
  • Strengths and Recommendations for Improvement 
    • In one-to-two paragraphs describe three strengths of the material and at least one recommendation for improvement based on your evaluation.