ASU Movie Why Did I Get Married by Tyler Perry Discussion


Please watch the movie: Why did I get married? by Tyler Perry and answer the prompts (750 words)

In a 700 – 750 reaction paper, pick one couple to discuss the following:

  • Identify which couple you will be writing about.
  • What are the obvious issues with the couple you chose?
  • What are the underlying issues?
  • How is this couple affected by gender roles? Does one partner dominate the other?
  • Is there an anger issue within the relationship? Which partner(s)
  • Does infidelity play into this couples marriage? How?
  • Does religion play a part with this couple? How?
  • What is the turning point for this couple

Below are the couples from the movie. In addition to the prompts above include the specific issue below for each couple in your paper.

Marcus and Angela — What is Keisha’s role and/or impact on this relationship?

Terry and Diane – What is the significance of “the list” Diane made about Terry?

Mike and Sheila – Sheila talked about the “hero syndrome” how did that affect her relationship with Troy?

Gavin and Patti – Why does Patti always talk about “doing the work?”