Art and Design Discussion Questions

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1. This week you were asked to watch the documentary “Objectified” about how the objects that surround us influence our daily lives. The movie explored how objects get made but also our emotional responses and attachments to these objects. How did this movie make you feel? Did it cause you to start looking and thinking about the objects that surround you in a different way? Is there an object you’ve owned or currently own where the look of it (the design) caused an emotional response? Read the document attached for more details.


2. Watch the video from the National Gallery of Art entitled “Talk About Art”. Take a few moments to reflect upon your feelings and or connections with a particular work of art or art in general. Is there a work of art that makes you “jingle” on the inside? Is there a piece of art that has a special connection to a person, place, or memory for you? It doesn’t necessarily have to be a famous work of art or something that resides in a museum. It could be something that occupies space in your home or something made by someone you know.