APUS Comparison of Organizations in Risk Management Discussion


For this assignment, prepare a paper that addressed each of the following:

1. Choose a risk management model (i.e. MSRAM, MRM, CCPM, CMMI, etc.).

2. Choose one government agency and one private OR public sector entity. Implement your risk management model for both entities.

3. Identify the risks for both entities.

4. Analyze the risks for both entities.

5. Evaluate the risks for both entities.

6. Provide a recommendation and solution for both entities to mitigate risk, threats, and vulnerabilities within the organizations.

7. Discuss how security representatives and leadership between both entities should monitor and review your risk management assessment and model plans.

8. Compare both organizations and discuss how the risk management model chosen influenced your assessment. Was it successful? What are the limiting factors? What would you do differently?