American Military University Hurricane Katrina Incident Command System Paper


Provides an overview of the event and which summarizes how the Incident Command System (ICS) process was or might have been used. In doing so and based on your research, clearly also indicate:

  • The history and inception of ICS; and
  • The ICS component organizational structure – to offer clarity on each of its five elements.
  • Further discuss the extent to  which the U.S. is prepared for dealing with catastrophic events such as  acts of bio-terror and / or infectious pandemic outbreaks and  present your position as to which potential, specific threat is most  probable, in terms of our nation’s assessed vulnerabilities as you see  them. You are free to postulate the means / methods by which you believe  such attacks could be carried out and how they might be mitigated in  terms of both response and public health consequences.
  • Do not simply list questions and respond – your work is intended to be a  complete, integrative narrative that embodies an introduction, a body  within which you respond to the targeted questions, and a summary and  conclusion.