Alcohol and Anxiety Research Paper


Chapter 4 Online Assignment:

Laypeople (and some mental health professionals) often make two assumptions about alcohol use and anxiety.

  1. First, they assume that the two are positively correlated (as anxiety increases, so does consumption).
  2. Second, they assume that anxiety causes alcohol consumption.

Because these assumptions are often based on armchair speculation, there is no way to determine whether they are correct. Researchers use various methods of research. Your assignment is to propose a research study that might shed light on the accuracy of the 2 assumptions above.

First, you should brainstorm and read the specific features of the methods of research (Chapter 4)

Next, you need to choose what you think is the best way to study the problem given the constraints of the research method. Money and logistics are of no concern.

Finally, you need to write a 2-3-page paper describing your study.

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