AHIS 104 CU Marvel Studios 2017 Thor Ragnarok Film Poster Analysis Discussion


Choose Poster for Marvel Studios’ Thor: Ragnarok, 2017. Taking into consideration the ideas discussed in Chapters 5 (Elements of Design) and 10 (Graphic Design) of the Getlein textbook, compose a formal analysis of the poster, and explain how the elements of design (unity and variety, balance, symmetry/asymmetry, ‘visual weight’, emphasis and subordination, scale and proportion, rhythm) that are manifested in your chosen poster serve to support its message and function. Be sure to make use of the terms introduced in Chapter 10 (Graphic Design) to make a convincing argument (including the use of typography and layout, use of signs and symbols, word and image, etc.) Try to include as many elements and terms as possible that seem relevant for your argument. Explain how these formal choices can be seen to relate to the function, intention and visual/emotional impact of the poster.