Academy for Jewish Religion Chapter 2 Brand Positioning Paper


Answering the following four questions.

IWE #2 : I Am a Brand For this exercise, consider your career after graduation. What kind of “brand” would you like to build for yourself? Answer the following three questions concerning brand strategy to provide some marketing perspectives. 

1. Define the 3-5 points-of-difference you would like to establish in the long-run. In what ways can you be unique to other top-tier MBAs as your career progresses? What are the 2-4 points-of-parity you will also need? 

2. What kinds of things will you need to do in the future to achieve your desired positioning? 

3. Does adopting a branding perspective change your views on career management in any way? 

4. Develop a brand mantra that captures the essence of your brand positioning.  (three-five words)