4 page health transcript (For Pro Dan ONLY)

IImagine that you are working at a community health center as a health coach and a physician asks you to speak with a 15-year old female who has recently had difficulty taking her asthma medication as prescribed.  According to the physician, her parents always administered her medication when she was a child, but they started involving her more in her self-management care about 2 years ago. She was doing well adhering to the regimen, but she reports that she has been forgetting over the past few months and doesn’t feel like taking the medication anymore. The doctor notes she has some symptoms of wheeziness, but otherwise, she seems to be fine.  Write a transcript of a conversation you might have with her during the Engaging part of the process. Create comments in the margins to explain, using the track change feature in Word.   4  pages not including reference or title page APA style.   5 scholarly resources 
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