4. Duringthecourse,wehavedevotedmuchdiscussiontothephenomenonofpoliticalviolence

4. Duringthecourse,wehavedevotedmuchdiscussiontothephenomenonofpoliticalviolence. We have addressed conceptual and methodological issues about defining and assessing political violence and avoiding the obstacles that have hindered previous research.
a) Explainthedifficultiesinvolvedintheuseoftheword“violence”anddefinitionalproblems
posed by the concept of political violence. Why does conceptualizing so important for the
understanding of the phenomenon?
b) Does support for political violence necessarily predicts violent behavior? Explain various
methodological problems involved in the study of [Jewish] terrorism and political violence
c) What are the different types and expressions of political violence? Show examples.
d) Do forms of political violence change across historical periods?
5. Doestheexposureofcitizenstomissiles,incendiaryballoonsorkites,orothertypesofpolitical violence and terrorism, affect their political behavior?
a) Howdoesexposuretopoliticalviolenceaffectcivilians’politicalattitudesandbehavior,
specifically radical political behavior? Give examples.
b) Are citizens exposed to political violence to the same degree? In your answer, refer to
difficulties in conceptualizing and in measuring the exposure to political violence.
c) What are the psychological consequences of exposure to political violence? Give examples.
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