3000 Word Assignment Construction Scheduling

 Go to Google Scholar (http://scholar.google.com/) and search the words “Construction Scheduling”.  Find a journal article on a topic related to construction scheduling that you personally find interesting.  The journal article should be from a scholarly, peer reviewed source.  Blogs, company websites, and opinion pieces are not acceptable.  Write a short summary (1,500 words) of the article and some of the major points the author made.  You are then to draft a 1,500 word response to their findings.  You should either find other sources that support the articles findings and/or other sources that present a different or contradictory point of view.  The total word count (3,000) should not include the title pages or reference lists.  Pictures are encouraged but please make sure you cite the source.  Your paper should be APA formatted and have a minimum of 8 scholarly sources. 
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