3 page paper about star wars

Star Wars was one of the biggest blockbusters of all time, but this also came as a bit of a surprise. Many did not expect the film to do much better than earn back the money it had cost to make.
Many critics did not know what to make of Star Wars either. While some welcomed it, others thought little of the film.
For this assignment, use “Rotten Tomatoes” or a similar film site to locate two professional reviews of Star Wars from the 1970s, one very positive and one negative.
Next, in a three-page paper, outline the two reviews you found and their perspectives on Star Wars. How did the reviews approach the cinematic qualities of blockbusters? Did they tend to paint such qualities in a positive or negative light?
At the end of your paper, provide your own assessment of which review you think is more accurate today. Also be sure to provide the links to the articles you used.
Students having difficulty finding negative reviews may wish to investigate the famous film critic Pauline Kael’s initial response to Star Wars as a start.
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