3 page paper about abortion

this assignment will take the form of a two-page, open-ended “Reaction Paper.” What does that mean? I want you to “react” to something youâ€ve read or weâ€ve talked about—especially in light of experiences youâ€ve had in your life, or troubling ethical events youâ€ve witnessed, been involved in, or discussed with friends or family in the past. In this paper, the word “react” means for you to reflect on the intersection of one or more of our readings with the ethical instance or question youâ€re looking back on. As you review and describe this instance in light of our readings or discussions, what questions arise as you think deeply and connectedly? What realizations do you come up with? Write your response in approximately two pages. No need for research, notes, or references. I want this to be written as if it were a journal entry that youâ€re willing to share with me, your ethics prof.
try to make it easy and devided if I want to add or delete something please, thank you.
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