3 page memoir analysis essay about family dishes

Rhetorical Analysis Paper for Project Two (75 points possible)
It’s easier to view the table using the .pdf version posted in the Project Two Module — or you can click here.
Memoir Analysis–“Family Dishes” by Karen Stabiner
3+ pages, typed, double-spaced
2 ½ -3 pages (longer is fine!), typed, double-spaced — Upload to Turnitin
This paper asks you to do three tasks: 1) Briefly summarize the essay, 2) explore the rhetorical situation, and 3) analyze the way the text fits the genre (the characteristics and qualities of memoir).
Be sure to have watched the videos “Introduction to Memoir and Personal Writing” and “Writing a Rhetorical Analysis” and to have read “The Rhetorical Situation Memoir” posted in the Project Two module.
The following steps and questions are to help you draft the material for your paper. The essay itself should be in essay form, not simply answers to these questions.

Briefly summarize the essay, including information about the publication and the intended audience.
A significant element of memoir is bringing the story to life. Readers understand the experience more through what the writer shows them than what the writer tells them. Identify how the author uses specific description, especially concrete details to show the experience. (This should be a major portion of your paper.)
Writers also use reflection to help readers understand important parts of the story. Reflective information shows how the writer views the situation. What reflective moments do you notice in the story?
Memoir shows the personality of the writer. What does the writer seem like to you? Be specific about what in the story has formed your opinion.

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