250 400 word proposal letter and 3 5 page presentation for an academic pr

Can someone help me with this two part assignment, Thanks
Part 1 is a proposal for a professional or community presentation that you will use in Part 2
Part 1:
Submit a 250-400 word proposal for a presentation or demonstration that you will give at a professional, academic, or community meeting. The proposal may be preceded by a 100 word statement (please observe length) on the type of audience you envision at this event. This proposal should be in a formal style and should employ the grammar, syntax, and style devices that you have been working on throughout the semester. Despite the formality, you should choose a topic and event that interests you greatly.
Part 2:
You will submit a 3-5 page presentation for an academic, professional, or community event of your choosing. You should strive to choose an event that interests you personally—something that you care about. You may fictionalize this as much as you wish. Please use all the grammar, syntax, and style points that you have learned throughout this semester. Be prepared to identify them in your text and explain why you choose to use certain ones. This presentation may range from formal to relatively informal. You may use some colloquial language for effect and to establish an atmosphere but the core of the paper should be in Standard English.
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