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The case follows: Glen reviewed his notes on the events of the past week. Chuck was clearly a hero within TechAction and the community. Even though the high-tech retailer was growing by leaps and bounds, they had been plagued by robberies. Not just random robberies, these guys had figured out all the weak points in TechAction’s logistics. They would show up at just the right time, completely empty the store, and leave the employees duct-tape in a storage room. Chuck, had begun as a stock boy 13 years earlier, and has now risen to regional manager. He personally opened 50 stores, including the 3,000th one, and his region is the most successful in the company. Everyone in his region knows Chuck is a major reason TecAction is now…..
Growth Horizons On 24-10-2015
Growth Horizons In a three to four page paper (excluding title and reference pages), explore the key factors that influence how entrepreneurs look at growth horizons. A growth strategy requires not looking for “sources of growth” but building strategic initiatives that encompasses future horizons. Be sure to include in your analysis the following: Define what you believe are three horizons the entrepreneur must address. What resources are needed for each of the horizons you have identified? How are transitions made from one horizon to another? How will you address growth horizons in your new venture? In addition to the requirements above, your paper: …..
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Leaders face many hurdles when leading in multiple countries. There are several examples of disastrous public relations fallout that have occurred when companies have outsourced work to other nations. When determining where to move offshore as a company, the leaders of the organization must make several decisions. Using course theories and current multinational organizations that have locations in several countries, convey your own thoughts on the subject and address the following: What leadership considerations must an organization weigh in selecting another country to open a location such as a manufacturing plant? How might leaders need to change leadership styles to manage multinational locations? What public relation…..
Ethics in Marketing Strategies On 24-10-2015
You have been hired as a consultant for a multinational organization that has a major marketing strategy for its product lines, yet is struggling to maintain its market share. The organization specializes in athletic wear. You have completed an internal assessment of the organization’s business practices and are now required to make suitable recommendations for market and financial recovery. In your assessment, you discover troubling practices that will definitely affect your recommendations to the executive suite. The organization is under scrutiny for its marketing practices and questionable bait-and-switch strategies. In addition, some of the financials suggest poor…..
Business Overview On 24-10-2015
Harley-Davidson: Business Overview for New Planning Team Members As a member of Harley-Davidson’s strategic planning team, you have been asked to create a five- to six-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation titled “Harley-Davidson Today: A Brief Overview of the Business” to orient members who have been newly added to the strategic planning team. The PowerPoint presentation should include at a minimum the following: The CEO’s vision and overview of 2009 performance The organizational structure and management team A brief description of each of the brands/business units and the products and services offered…..
Discussion Week 2 On 24-10-2015
Sustainable competitive advantage is the “holy grail” of corporate strategy, but it is elusive. Using all you have learned to date about Harley-Davidson, analyze whether or not Harley-Davidson has a source of sustainable competitive advantage. Defend your answer using examples from your readings, the annual report, and other sources. Should be at least 2 to 3 paragraphs in length. by Saturday, October 31, 2015. DO NOT POST EARLY AND EMAIL ME PRIOR TO POSTING ***NO APA FORMAT NEEDED, NO TITLE PAGE NEEDED, NO HEADER NEEDED*** NO DOUBLE SPACING E…
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