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Read the following questions, and use what know about Business Basic Startups to summarize your responses in a 3-page paper (APA formatting required):

Describe how a company identifies its key success factors (KSFs).

Select a company, and provide three examples of KSFs in its industry.

Explain how the company uses the KSFs to help create company goals and objectives within the strategic management process, and formulates strategic options and appropriate strategies for achieving these goals.

The essay is required to be a minimum of 4 pages.
Step: Read the case study (will provide at a later time)
Step : Read the following questions, and use what you know about Business Basic Startups to summarize your responses in a 4-page paper. Essays should have a clear introduction, thesis statement and conclusion, written in APA format

What does this case study illustrate about decision making?
How could the decision-making process have helped in both the response to the crisis situation and in preventing it from happening?
Could procedures, policies, and rules play any role in future crisis situations like this one? If so, explain how? If not, provide an explanation of why not.
Describe the role that problem-solving, decision-making strategies, and logistics could have played in preventing the situation described in the case study.
What could other organization learn from this incident?

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