2 – 3 Page Paper

You must select one incident or a series of related incidents that interested, pleased, puzzled, frustrated, angered, excited, or bored you, or otherwise caught your attention. Events may be conversations with clients, supervisors, or other staff, individual or group interactions, which you observed or in which you participated, and planning activities. Please write a 2 to 3-page (minimum 2 full pages & maximum 3 pages) paper on incident or incidents. Specific criteria for the paper will be provided on Canvas and reviewed in class.
The moment I want to talk about is the moment I created my own male mentoring program at the site im doing my field experience at. in this class we are supposed to only do 35 hours of observation at a site of your choosing. 
I chose a school in my community. ( Orange NJ )
Ive built so much trust with the young boys in the school I’ve decided to volunteer my time and create a male mentoring group because in my community its easy for the young men to get caught up in the streets. 
In this mentor program I gave 16 young men a tie and I taught them how to wear them and how to tie a tie. They loved feeling like young men. this made the idea of them being a leader very fun to them so now they come to school ready to learn. 
the greatest feeling was when they started to come to me and tell me there dreams. some now wish to be Teachers, Officers, Business owners.
this experience Changed my life forever.             
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