1918 influenza the mother of all pandemics additional materials the ww1 museum has published some lectures on the influenza epidemic http bit ly 33rddz9 and http bit ly 33mcabj

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Scholarly Article Review (DUE SUNDAY 8 DECEMBER)
Posted Nov 25, 2019 6:50 AM
Instructions: Write at least a 1,000-1,500 review of a scholarly article. The required list of articles is posted below.

Create a Word Document. Label it: Last Name, SA Essay.
Submit it to your assignment folder when completed. Do not use a title page. At the top of the page, place your name, date, and Scholarly Article Analysis. Double space the paper and use 12 point font. Number the pages. Use footnotes placed at the bottom of each page, not at the end. Indent the first line of each paragraph five spaces.
Select ONE scholarly secondary source journal article from the required reading list for Weeks 5, 6, and 7. The list appears below. Read the article several times. Learn the topic by reading the other material in that weekâ€s lessons. You must refer to those readings (primary and secondary sources, including a lecture) in your analysis.
Write a neutral, objective essay. (Do not use “I,” “we,” “you,” or “one.”) Avoid using adjectives and adverbs that cannot be quantified (very, large)
Place the complete bibliographic reference for the scholarly journal article, including page numbers, as your title. Here is an example: Lohr, Eric. “The Russian Army and the Jews: Mass Deportation, Hostages, and Violence during World War I.” Russian Review 60, 3 (July 2001): 404-419.

Format to use when writing the scholarly article review:

Title: complete bibliographic reference for the article (see above)
First paragraph: Create an introductory statement about the article and the historical time period to set the direction for your paper. If you can develop a thesis, that will enhance your essay.
Second paragraph: Identify the article and describe its purpose and the authorâ€s central thesis or argument.
Third paragraph: Identify the author and explain his/her credentials, including what other articles and books he/she has written. If the list is long, add it to a footnote. Remember: article titles are placed in quotes; book titles in italics.
Fourth paragraph: Describe the authorâ€s primary and secondary source material. Evaluate these references by asking: Does the author make good use of the research to support his/her argument? Does he/she carefully evaluate other historians†views?
Fifth through tenth (or more) paragraphs: Select four to five key points the author makes and write a critical analysis of them based upon your knowledge of the material. Incorporate your primary and secondary source readings from the classroom (including the lectures) to prove you are learning the material and to expand your analysis. Include accurate dates.
Last paragraph: Write a conclusion that summarizes your thesis and assesses the authorâ€s contribution.
To assess the authorâ€s contribution rely upon your knowledge of the topic, the clarity of the authorâ€s writing and argument, and his/her use of primary and secondary sources. Do not add new information to the conclusion. Additional notes: 1) Include a separate bibliography of primary and secondary sources you used to write your analysis. 2) Use footnotes placed at the bottom of each page. 3) You may add illustrations and maps to augment your essay.

Week Five: 1918 Influenza – the Mother of All Pandemics (additional materials, the WW1 museum has published some lectures on the Influenza epidemic http://bit.ly/33rDDZ9) and http://bit.ly/33mcabj)
Week Six: Black American Radicalism and the First World War: The Secret Files of the Military Intelligence Division. (additional materials on the Red Summer in 1919 in the USA http://bit.ly/2DoOJDD)

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