1800 words english essay about time management

I wanna a research project about how time-management make successful for college students. Mainly it is focus on the solution.Please add the in text cation,but don’t use too much. Don’t need the reference page.
For the body paragraph structure I want to come up problem first,which are college students are easily be attracted by other things like multimedia and parting.They are less of self-control. And the second problem is they don’t know how to study in college , they are fear to ask for help from school. They don’t have a strong understand of time-management.
For the solution may be strength the value of time-management,try to balance the study and playing. And be brave to ask for help,school may also do some change for this group of students. The content of solution should be the important part of this project.After that please show some critical think or assignment.
Then in the conclusion may expand the topic.And related to the life.

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