1500 Word Dissertation Proposal – Consumer Behavior In The Clothing Market In Dubai.


Framing the Study

1. Title. What is the working title of your proposed research? Does this make your dissertation instantly recognisable to the reader, does it capture the theory and the context of your study?

2. What is the dissertation about and why is it important. Short overview detailing why anyone would want to undertake this study and why anyone would care! [Refer to your notes from lecture 2 and tutorials 1 &2]

3. Research Question, Aim and Objectives. Clearly state and delimit these three separate elements. [Refer to your notes from Tutorials 1 &2]

4. What are the potential impacts of the dissertation? For example, what problems are you intending to resolve, which stakeholders may benefits from your work, Any potential new ideas, ways of understanding old problems, new techniques, revised techniques or criticisms of current practices. 

5. What is the theoretical framework for the dissertation? Specify which literature are you engaging with and which theoretical body of knowledge you are basing your study within, are you developing that theory (or theories), or are you testing that theory in a new context. [Refer to your notes from lectures 1, 2, 3 & 5 and tutorials 1,2 & 3]. Are you applying the theory to a particular business, industry, sector, country, etc. and why are you planning on doing that. Highlight briefly the significant knowledge gaps in the literature.


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