150 Words 19902391

Introduce yourself to your peers and instructor. Share any relevant personal and/or professional information.
Tell us about your experience with public speaking:  Is this your first course?  How comfortable are you with public speaking?  What are two of your speaking strengths? What are two speaking challenges that you have? Discuss your goals in regards to the content of this course:  What do you want to learn about public speaking?  What skills do you hope to gain?  How will this course help you in your personal, professional, and educational life? The Bible clearly describes the importance of clear and compassionate communication within its teachings in Ephesians 4:29 (opens in new window). As you consider your speaking style, how does your faith fit into this profile? Does the Biblical imperative in terms of communication influence your priorities in effective speaking?  If personal faith does not fit into your priorities, what does?  What motivates you to be a better speaker?
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