12 7 assignment early human migrations one full page

The fossil and genomic record tell us that our species originated in Africa around 200,000 years ago (These numbers might now go back further). The first 100,000 years were spent in Africa and soon after our species began to expand into different world regions.
What you are doing
Your task will be to explore the complex fossil and genetic history of modern humans as they left Africa for the first time.
For this webquest you will only be able to choose one of the following world regions:

The Americas (you will be including both North and South)

All the above world regions have complicated population histories that are the result of a number of populations that have come together to form the present population. What insight do genomic studies of ancient fossils and modern populations give us in reference to the number of founding populations that form your chosen world region?
What you have to do for points

All of the assigned world regions are composed of multiple Homo sapiens populations that arrived at different times to the current world region that you are exploring. What do genomic tell us in reference to the number of founding populations of your chosen world region and what does the data say about when the different populations arrived? Make sure you tell me how many different populations form your chosen population. Also, make sure you tell me when the different populations arrived.
Make sure you give citations 300words

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