1100 words essay about mexico international studies

Hi I need to write an essay for my International Studies class. I will be uploading some photos from the book Tropic of Chaos by Parenti since I need 2-3 citations from it. I will also need to use 6 citations from websites articles (1 from each one). Please use the following websites + 3 of your own (use famous websites please).
Topic: Mexico
Themes:1. CLIMATE CHANGE: examining how the effects of climate change manifest themselves in Mexico.2. POLITICS OF CLIMATE CHANGE: exploring how the effects of climate change affect the country’s society, specifically within its policies.3. FUTURE: predicting how Mexico will reevaluate themselves to better prevent the progression of climate change and to alleviate the effects which have already manifested themselves within the country.
There will be no questions as such; you write on an aspect of the issue that interests you.
– Please give your essay a catchy title.
– You should include at least 2-3 citations from PARENTI, 3 citations from among the websites that I cited before and 3 additional sources.

– 1100 minium words, 1150 maximum.
– Have at least 2 web address of helpful graphics
– Please divide the essay into sections and give the sections titles
– My professor wants a proper list of references. Web addresses alone are never enough

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